I’m {We’re} sexy and I {we} know it!

Hello friends!

Recognize the song? It’s from LMFAO’s song entitled “Sexy and I know it”. It is a great song, and it was the theme song to our night out with our Bride to be Patti!

We had an amazing time, we headed up to Baltimore for dinner at a place called Dick’s Last Resort.  A place where you go to be treated like dirt by the waiters.  It was hilarious.  Our waiter was rude, but funny.  Patti practiced walking down the aisle with an 18 year old,

got a piggy back ride from our waiter

and arm-wrestled her sister (she won)!

We asked for water, and this is how it was brought to our table:

haha, in a giant bowl.

I love this group of ladies!

Oh ya we had shots..

you know.. typical bachelorette party activities 🙂


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