Running for my Dad

Hello friends!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!!!

my Diabetes Action Team shirt and fundraising kit!  Oh I am so excited to be raising money for this organization. I wanted to give you all a bit of a background as to why I chose to run for the Diabetes Action team.

I will be running the Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon in honor of my dad, who was taken away from us way too soon.  My dad was an extraordinary man, he was a wonderful husband, father, friend, son.. you name it he was the best at it!  My dad had health issues since I was little.  His kidney failed when I was young, and according to my mom the doctors never figure out why….  We waited for many years while he was on the transplant list, and while we waited he went to dialysis, and endless doctor’s appointments.

One day….. his pager went off, I think we were either on our way to Costco or Toys-R-Us, and we knew.. that was the call he had been waiting to make.  They had told him they found him a kidney….After his transplant is when he developed the diabetes… watching him give himself insulin shots was hard. He was very sneaky, and would never do it in front of my sister and I, but still, I knew what was going on.  As the years went by, he had lots of good days, mixed in with a few bad ones, but he was very good with keeping up with his medicine.  In 2006, his illnesses where just too much, and he passed away.. with all of us in the room with him holding his hands… It was very surreal….

I won’t go into any more details, mainly because it is still very hard for me to talk about it…But I am so proud of him for fighting for so long, and being so strong.  I love my daddy and I miss him so much, but to know that he is no longer suffering  eases my heart, just a little.

This year the Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon is on the weekend of my dad’s sixth anniversary, and although diabetes was not the #1 cause of my dad’s illnesses, it was still present in our everyday lives and when I found out that the Diabetes Action team was an official sponsor of the Rock & Roll Marathon I knew I had to support them!

I believe in some shape or form diabetes has impacted or will impact your life.  I’m not here to hound you for donations, I will only ask once, but if you would like to support my efforts please donate  to help me achieve my goal of $1000. Every little bit helps!


3 thoughts on “Running for my Dad

  1. Tara says:

    Aw Dorsa, it must be so hard for you to write about this. I’m so excited for you to run this, but I know your dad would be even more excited. You will make him proud!!


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