Weekend Roundup

Hello friends!

Thank you for your kind words about Friday’s post.  I cannot wait to start training for this and a few other races next year 🙂 :).

This was yet another busy weekend that flew by!  Saturday morning we got up and I made Trader Joe’s Pumpkin waffles! O.M.G these were amazing.

seriously if you have not tried these go to Trader Joe’s and grab yourself a box, I usually do not like pre-made waffle mixes, but these are awesome. They are a bit dense tho, so I would recommend whipping the egg whites to make them fluffy and light.  The rest of our morning was spent doing laundry and cleaning the house, Erik was going to Ramsey’s bachelor party and we were going to have a ladies night.  We all (the ladies) hung out a bit at our house before we headed out to Mad Fox Brewery,

I had the Two Hemispheres IPA, and it was fabulous.  This was a classic IPA, and if you like the bitter taste of an IPA you will love this.  We will most likely be going back to this place with our guys to check out some more of their beers.

Sunday morning with an extra hour of sleep we got up and headed to my mom’s house to drop off Ella so that we could make our way to FEDex Field.  We bought Sunny Redskins/49ers tickets for his 30th birthday!


We got to the tailgate a bit too late, but we still had a few drinks and a burger.  Our seats at the game weren’t too bad either (unfortunately the Redskins lost.. again..)

It was another busy but fun weekend!  I hope everyone else had a great weekend too..

What did you do this weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Tara says:

    I love trader joes boxed mixes. They’ve never failed me! I haven’t tried the waffles yet, but they’re so perfect for lazy mornings when you want a fun breakfast.


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