Winner, Winner (Indian) Chicken Dinner

Hello friends!

Remember yesterday when I said I was making Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner? It was amazing!

Chicken Tikka Masala (Weight Watchers Recipe)


2/3 cup(s) fat-free plain yogurt
1 Tbsp fresh lime juice
1 tsp ginger root, fresh, grated
2 clove(s) garlic clove(s), minced (medium)
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Durkee ground cumin, or other brand
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 pound(s) uncooked boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into 2-inch chunks
2 tsp olive oil
1 clove(s) garlic clove(s), minced (medium)
1 small jalapeٌo pepper(s), minced
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1/2 tsp paprika
8 oz canned tomato sauce
1 cup(s) fat-free evaporated milk
1/4 cup(s) cilantro, fresh, chopped
2 cup(s) cooked white rice, basmati, kept hot


  1. To prepare chicken, in a large bowl, whisk together first seven ingredients; add chicken and toss to coat. Cover bowl and marinate in refrigerator for 1 hour and up to 24 hours.
  1. Preheat outdoor grill, stovetop grill pan or nonstick skillet.
  2. Skewer chicken pieces onto four metal or wooden skewers. Grill or cook skewers in a hot skillet until chicken is cooked through, turning frequently, about 5 to 7 minutes. (Make sure to soak wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes to prevent charring.)
  3. To make sauce, heat oil in a large, high-sided skillet (or wide saucepan) over medium heat. Add remaining minced garlic clove and jalapeno; cook, stirring occasionally, 1 minute. Add remaining teaspoon of cumin and paprika and stir to coat. Add tomato sauce and evaporated milk, reduce heat to low and simmer 5 minutes, stirring frequently.
  4. Remove grilled chicken from skewers. Add to tomato mixture and simmer 1 minute to heat through. Remove from heat and stir in cilantro. Serve with rice. Yields about 1 cup of chicken mixture and 1/2 cup of rice per serving.
I made a few modifications… I did not have any evaporated milk.. so I made my own:
Also our grill is currently in our friend Sundeep’s car, so I had to cook the chicken on the stovetop.. NBD. Instead of tomato sauce, I used tomato paste in order to make the sauce thicker, and I have no idea where to find cumin seeds, so I used a lot more cumin. I highly recommend this dish, it was quite tasty.
Yesterday at work, I showed impeccable self control… We all know how much I love cake, especially birthday cake:
I did not have one piece of this badboy, and I am very proud of it.
Erik’s mom came over last night to have dinner with us and she brought a little guest:
Again I am proud to say I showed restraint… this one was harder than the cake, because she finished cooking it at our house, so naturally our entire house smelled of apple dumplings.  These might have to make a re-appearance at Thanksgiving this year…mmmmm…
Alright folks, I’m off to save the world (ok not really)!
Have a great Wednesday!
Are you as excited for Thanksgiving as I am?

3 thoughts on “Winner, Winner (Indian) Chicken Dinner

  1. Erin says:

    go you for not eating the sweets! its SO hard!!! its going to be really hard for thanksgiving and christmas for me. brandons parents make a million sweets and they’re soo good.


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