Fall Veggies

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you guys but the weather around here has been amazing. Okay so today is a bit cloudy but 65 degrees in November, I’ll take it!  Perfect weather for sweater dresses and boots 🙂

Sorry for the public bathroom picture, but it was too dark at home to take a decent picture.  I love these boots, brown suede love 🙂

I have been sleeping through my alarm lately, so I haven’t been going to the gym the past two mornings.. I know I know.. horrible.  And I totally failed at my afternoon gym attempt.. I know that if I don’t get up and go in the mornings I won’t have time to go after work.

I blame my gym failure yesterday on the fact that I had to go on our weekly grocery shopping trip.  I have some more pretty yummy meals lined up for this week.  Last night We had chicken and Oven-Roasted veggies.

I think I went a little overboard with the veggies; we had enough to feed an entire army.. seriously.

They were good though.  I sprinkled some Costco, No-salt organic seasoning on top of the chicken and Erik grilled it up 🙂

I’m going to have to stop being so lazy and start taking pictures with my camera as opposed to my cell phone camera…ha.

Tonight I am making Oven Braised Salmon and broccoli, I can’t wait!

I hope everyone has a nice day!


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