oh so clumsy

Hello friends!

How has everyone’s week been so far.  I need one of these


Seriously, other than my friend Bethany I think I am the clumsiest person in the world.  Case #1- when I was in high school, I was running UP the stairs (in flip flops) on my way to see the sports trainer and smashed my foot into the riser, lost my footing and fell up the stairs… I banged my shin against the edge of the stairs then tumbled down.. If you were there to witness it, I guarantee you it was a sight to see.  After I got up and looked around (gotta make sure no one was around), I slowly walked back up the stairs and into the trainers office..


I told her that I fell up the stairs and that my toe was really hurting.. after about 15 minutes of laughing in m face, she looked at my toe and told me I had broken it.. really!?!.. I had a game in an hour and now I had to deal with a broken toe.. ah I am an idiot… Long story short, it was painful, I had to tape my entire foot and it was really hard for me to pitch that night… Did I learn my lesson?… of course not.

On Monday I was walking up the stairs at home, and I tripped and “semi” fell.  I say semi because I caught myself.. The only problem is that I caught myself with my bad arm….. I screamed, fell to the ground and was TERRIFIED that I had once again dislocated my shoulder.  I feel much better today, but I am still a bit worried about the pain….Let’s just pray I did not undo all my hard work.

Needless to say, I am talented.

haha, I hope everyone has a great day.. ps its almost FRIDAY.. and today is GAME DAY! GO HOKIES!

Have you ever fallen UP the stairs?– I hear you have to be quite talented to do that.

4 thoughts on “oh so clumsy

  1. bethany says:

    story of my life. The other day I was walking down the stairs to head to class…tripped and fell down the stairs…got up thought know one saw…as 5 of my classmates come walking thru the door laughing- it was dark so i didnt seem them through the glass. And I have my two kayaks in my apartment…behind my couch…and i knock my shins against them at least once a day. I am allllways stumbling, tripping, almost falling, banging into things…its ridiculous. I think I have depth perception issues.


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