Le pooped!

Hello friends!

Boy oh boy was this a jam packed weekend.

Saturday was pure insanity, no joke.  Erik and I started our impossible leaf mission at 10am. And by 12:30 we were starving and only 1/2 way done, so we took a break and got Pho with Lejia.   We realized that there was no way we were going to have enough energy to finish picking up the leaves by ourselves, so we called Hyojon and asked if him and Lejia would be able/willing to help us.  Thank goodness for amazing friends, because when we go back to our house it only took the 4 of us an hour to finish picking up the rest of the leaves.

Whew!  This is where the insanity began…

As you know, our friends Patti and Ramsey were getting married on Saturday at 6pm, and we finished our leaf mission at 2:45pm….

At 3 we piled into the car and headed over to Tyson’s Corner, and if anyone knows ANYTHING about the DC area you know that going to Tyson’s Corner Mall on a Saturday during the holiday season is a disaster waiting to happen.  Hyojon needed a new shirt and tie for said wedding, so we went.  Mind you we wanted to be home by 4, and out the door by 5…

We arrived at the mall at approximately 3:30, ran over a few people in order to find a parking spot, booked it over to Express, picked out 2 shirts and 2 ties, got all four items for 50% off (YES!), and ran (literally ran) back to the car.  A few illegal driving maneuvers later we were out of the parking lot and headed to our neighborhood.

4:30 pm arrived at Lejia’s house, picked up their clothes and drove back to our house.  Did I mention none of us had showered yet?

We got to our house, showered and started getting ready… At 4:50 I was curling my hair and applying eyeliner and mascara at the same time (skills people… pure skills).  We were a mess, our blood was pumping through our veins at 100 mph as ran up and down the stairs getting everything ready to leave.

5:15- “Ladies it’s 5:15, we gotta go!”

5:23- Packed in the car, on the road.  Oh right, also forgot to mention we had to drop Ella off at my mom’s house.

5:50- Arrive at mom’s house, let Ella out to potty, put her in her crate and out the door.

I feel like we drove FOREVER but at 5:59pm we arrived at the hotel, AND we looked good.

I am waiting for my sister in law Diana to put pictures up on facebook so that I can share them with you, but trust me when I said we looked good 🙂

We danced, we partied, and even went to Taco Bell for a late night snack.. it was a LONG day….

What did you do this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Le pooped!

  1. Lauren says:

    Your weekend sounded like a lot of fun…minus the leaf raking..le puke! I ran errands all weekend and still have not finished them all..haha!

    I want to see pics of said wedding 🙂

  2. Susan McCoyd says:

    Busy Weekenders

    Friday, Nov. 18 Feast of the Haggis at Chicago Intercontinental Hotel – guests of Uncle Bill. (Lawn service performs fall clean-up)

    Saturday, Nov.19 Patrick, Mia and Grandpas Kevin and Dave attend ND/Boston College Game;
    Matthew, Teresa, Connor, me, Granny Char attendMolly’s First Birthday party White Fish Bay,WI

    Sunday, Nov. 20 Babysit Audrey and Quinn while parents and siblings attend Chicago Bears game

  3. Tara says:

    I have to say, I laughed at the title of this post. Love it!! I know the feeling. You must have skills to get that all done in such short time! I wish I could pull of the hair curling – eye liner applying – mascara combo. Now that is intense!

  4. kelly says:

    Lol I can totally picture this crazy scene! My weekend included hiking the local ski mountain with barley pup, 4 wheeling and bonfire sat nite, and playing with friend’s dogs and horse back riding Sunday. Can you tell I live in new Hampshire? Haha let’s talk soon and have a good turkey day!


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