Patti and Ramsey’s Wedding

Hello friends!

As promised yesterday, I have pictures from the wedding on Saturday night :).  But first a little dinner from last night:

Oven roasted chicken and citrus potatoes, with a side of bakes beans.  I think I have FINALLY learned how to cook chicken on the stove and in the oven.  Erik always grills our meat because I can never seem to cook it correctly.  But I did it! And it was SOOOOO good, juicy in all the right places haha.  The potatoes could have used a bit more salt, but they had the perfect hint of lemon and orange.

Enough of that, onto wedding pictures!

please take a minute to click on this next picture and look at the expression on Luke’s face…..( he is the one standing next to Patti, the bride, in case you don’t know Luke).

I love these ladies very much 🙂 (also Sam, but she is not in this picture for some reason)

ahh it was a wonderful night!


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