Black Friday

Heey friends!

I hope everyone had a great LONG weekend, unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  In case you missed it, we had the most delicious  Thanksgiving dinner EVER.

After we ate we vegged around for a few hours, played apples to apples then headed over to Hyojon’s house to meet him and Lejia so we could all go black Friday shopping.  We went to Walmart first because they had a deal on a sewing machine I wanted.

Walmart was crazy, the people in there were INSANE.

why people bring their children out and expect them to behave is beyond me.  There were hundreds of kids there, crying and screaming… oy it was a mess.  AND it was approximately 600 degrees inside the store.. really you didn’t realize that a million people were coming into your store so you turned up the heat? But it was a sight to see, and a hilarious experience.

After the crazy Walmart fiasco we headed down the street to wait in line to get into Target.

Target was MUCH more organized and if you ever want to go black Friday shopping I 100% recommend going there.  Obviously my sister cannot take normal pictures :-p. Love ya sis 🙂

Alright well I hope everyone has a great Monday back to reality 🙂

Did you do any Black Friday Shopping?

4 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Tara says:

    I have never gone out on Black Friday, but I would assume Walmart would be a little crazy! I’m a big fan of target, so it makes me happy to hear that they were a little better.


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