I think it’s time

So yesterday as I was scrambling around in the dark for my gym clothes I realized that I have been working out in the same set of clothes since 2003… and there may even be some pieces in the rotation from before then… yuck… Don’t get me wrong, my clothes are not falling apart.. I just think it is time to upgrade to adult workout clothes.  You see, I have been playing softball since I was 9, and each season I was on at least 2 sometimes 3 different teams.  Needless to say I have accumulated a LOT of shorts and t-shirts, that and I used to be really chubby so the clothes of my youth are now big for me, but I still wear them… Call me cheap, but I don’t want to throw away perfectly good clothes just because I have had them for… oh I donno, 7-10-ish years.

But I think it is time to move on from those days, and get new work out clothes.  The problem is, I haven’t had to buy new clothes in so long I don’t really know what I want/need.  There are so many different brands with equally as many different styles, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Over the years I have purchased a few new items that I really do love, but I fear that the companies might have changed the way they make the clothes.. maybe I won’t like the new Under Armor sports bra, shorts, or tanks? Who knows.. And they are expensive..

So here is where you come in…I need suggestions… There are a few things I have picked out, but I am not 100% sure I want to commit to them.

Champion tanks

Under Armor Tanks in various colors

Under Armor shorts, also in various colors

Leggings for the cold runs

and I guess I need some long sleeved shirts for outdoor running

Under armor is expensive.. so if anyone has any suggestions other than under armor.. please send them my way 🙂 I have never tried any Brooks Running clothes or Asics clothes, so I don’t really know how they compare… sigh.. too many choices..

I hope everyone has a great day, and remember send me your suggestions 🙂

5 thoughts on “I think it’s time

  1. Tara says:

    I love underarmour cold gear, Nike tempo shorts (and pretty much anything else Nike) and champion sports bras. If you are looking for some cheaper stuff, I like hit up modell’s, tj maxx, and target for good quality but affordable stuff!

  2. Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers says:

    I played soccer for years, and I still have some of my old shorts. They last forever! I did upgrade to a few Nike running singlets and tempo shorts. I thoroughly recommend them both. (They’re actually affordable since they’re often on sale.)


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