I am an old lady

Seriously I am.  Either that or I have many talents that should not be wasted.  You be the judge.  My friend Katie first taught me how to crochet when we were in high school.  I started a quilt, which is #1 obviously not done and #2 I cannot for the life of me find it.  Maybe my mom knows where it is….

After I learned to crochet, I made a LOT of scarves.  They sucked; honestly they were stiff, and ugly, bleh.  But at the time I thought they were awesome and gave them to my future in-laws as Christmas gifts, why they still accepted me into the family I don’t know.

In college, I found another “old lady” friend, Brenda.  Sophomore year we lived across the hall from each other and soon discovered that we were destined to be best friends.  On a typical Saturday night, you would find us sitting in my dorm room, knitting, watching chick flicks (most likely crying), and eating tons of pizza. *That was living*

Over the years (seriously I am not that old), I have toyed with knitting here and there and made a few scarves.

There were some good ones, and some that were so bad I did not want to finish…

That scarf was promised to my friend Kelly in college, but I did not like the stitching so I stopped working on it, but never fear my friend, I have found a stitch I like, and will be finishing this scarf ASAP.

The scarf above was just ugly so I stopped working on it, haha. Maybe it would be good for a little girl.. hmmm… anyone have any little girls that like pink?

I also made this AWESOME Hokie scarf!

But lately, under the helpful wing of my amazing momma, I learned a new stitch.

This is my newest scarf, I love the color and I love the way it looks.  I finished it last night and I am SO happy with it.. onto my next project 🙂

I went to Michael’s yesterday and bought a lot more yarn…

to add to my already ridiculous amount of yarn..

I might have a problem.

I took my purple scarf over to our friend’s house on Wednesday night, and received some very positive reviews, so I have been toying with the idea of opening an Esty.com store 🙂 I am nervous but I really want to do it.

Old lady, or just crafty?- I think a little bit of both…My friend Jenny told me she would stab me in the eye with my knitting needle if I brought it over to a football watching party…love her.

12 thoughts on “I am an old lady

  1. Tiff @ love sweat & beers says:

    At this stage in the game, I’d say crafty, but don’t you go listening to oldies, watching Lifetime movies, or stealing sugar packets from restaurants.

  2. Brenda says:

    I’m famous! Omg that one picture makes me look pretty crotchety (omg if you take out the t in that its crochet-y)

    No way old lady! I actually maybe had more yarn but picked out my favorite and gave the rest to my mom to sell at a yard sale. Love your new scarf! Knit purl knit purl!

    I’ve gotten into needle felting…. I dye my own raw wool and everything…. its scary!!!


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