Taming the Hunger Beast + Giveaway winner

Hello friends! Happy Friday!

Oh man, yesterday I just could not satisfy my hunger.  I did not eat too much during the day but last night we went out for Brandy’s birthday shenanigans, and let’t just say my belly still hurts. 😦  Perhaps it was the beer I had last night

which was bigger than my head, literally.  Or the copious amount of Korean BBQ we ordered

Or the un-pictured Oreo Mint Gelato my hubby and I shared.  Either way, I am still full from last night, hopefully I will be able to eat something at lunchtime.  Note to self: don’t try and tame the hunger beast, just leave it alone, don’t even look at it. Ugh.

Regardless of the excessive amount of food we consumed last night, we had a great time with some awesome friends.

Unfortunately, our shenanigans last night extended way past our bedtime, so we did not get up this morning to go to the gym.  I do have physical therapy today, so maybe I will get out in time to go for a run before it gets dark, with these bad boys:

Whomp (similar meaning to BAM)! New shoes, I mentioned yesterday that I opened one of my Christmas presents, well there she is.  New running shoes!  These have major arch support, so hopefully my legs won’t hurt after every run.  Speaking of running, my half marathon training begins the day of Christmas, with some light strength and stretching (if it is nice out I will probably head out for a run before breakfast!) I am so excited to start training (ask me again in 2 months if I am still excited, ha).

Well friends, I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.  We have our First Annual Ugly Sweater party and White Elephant gift exchange party tomorrow night!   If I have time tomorrow, I will pop in with some “Real Simple”, facts about how to kick bad habits 🙂


What are your plans for the weekend? 

Do you have any bad habits you want to kick?

**Update- My giveaway winner is Mandy Book!  I had to do some fancy list making, because of all the new server mix up. Sorry about that, it was my first giveaway, I suppose nothing goes smoothly the first time!

YAY.. And guess what, today is her birthday too! Happy birthday Mandy!

9 thoughts on “Taming the Hunger Beast + Giveaway winner

    • myrunningthoughts says:

      So I totally just tried to go to the gym and run in my new shoes, and half a mile into my run they turn off the lights, and say the gym is closing early because of a holiday party!? Ugh!

  1. Tara says:

    Oh the hunger beast… my bad habit is that when the hunger beast hits, I just end up eating a little bit of everything that is in the pantry and end up with a stomach ache 😦 I just need to make myself a meal! It’s bad, especially when I get my hands on the nut butters!


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