New Years “resolution-ers”

Hello friends!

The first day back in the office after working from home last week is horrible.  The worst part… having to put on real clothes.  I really loved working in my pjs all week, sigh, well its a good thing I like my coworkers.

Last night we stayed up until 11 playing Risk, our new favorite game, which meant that this morning when my alarm went off I was not in the mood to get up and work out.  Today’s workout consists of a easy 2 mile run, and Day 9 of Jamie Eason’s workout- Back/Biceps. Tara asked me if I liked Jamie Eason’s workout, and I have to say, I really do love it.  So far, the workouts have been on point, they do not drag out too long, and they use a variety of machines.  I do however, think the 12 week workout plan would be more beneficial if I followed her diet plan, but I just cannot commit to it.  It is really hard to be on a diet when you are cooking meals for a hubby that wants to eat more and gain more weight and muscle mass.  We are on opposite sides of the food spectrum right now, so I have been trying to find meals that will satisfy both of our needs.

For example this week I will be making 4 meals from my new cookbook:

I will be reducing my portion sizes, because seriously, who gains 4 lbs when they are working out everyday.  I just don’t get it.  The only thing I can think of is that I have been eating bigger meals because I started lifting and running again.  I need to balance out my metabolism right now.  I am hoping my body will settle down and get back on track in the next few weeks, I really do not want to go on a diet to lose this weight. Ugh.

We will see what happens.  Oh yes, I wanted to share this pet peeve of mine with you all to see if you felt the same way. I kinda sorta feel like a big B about feeling this way but I am irritated.  So yesterday, Erik and I went to the gym later on in the  day because we could, and when we got there the entire place was PACKED… In our gym we have around 20 treadmills, and every single one of them was occupied. Really people?! This happens every year, hundreds of people come into the gym when the new year starts and sign up for memberships.  Then as the weeks go by, all the “New years resolution-ers” stop coming, and things go back to normal.  I absolutely hate it.  Who are you kidding?  It sounds really mean, but it really bugs me. I am all for people getting in shape and living healthier lifestyles, but 98% of the people who sign up as a New years resolution stop going after the first month.  Also please do not try and impress me by running hills at 5 mph only to stop after 30 seconds, your grunting is disgusting, and I do not want to be sprayed by your smelly smelly sweat during my run.  I am mean and will give you dirty looks if you wipe your sweat in my general direction, barf. Oh ya and please do not come to the gym and workout with your hair down, tons of perfume, makeup, a polo and blue jeans. Does anyone else feel this way?

Well that is my rant for the day, sorry if this was offensive to anyone, it is just how I feel.

Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “New Years “resolution-ers”

  1. Lauren says:

    I bet that food turns out awesome!

    Still cannot get over how funny the “resolution-ers” are who go the gym for 2 weeks and sweat and grunt around you and then stop showing up! That is just great 🙂

  2. Tara says:

    I’m glad to eat good reviews of the workout plan! I don’t have enough time to commit to that style of training, but I’m looking at her workouts and modifying them so try work for me. I love clean eating recipes, so I’d love to see which ones you make!
    The crowded gyms drive me crazy. Thank goodness I can run again and avoid having to fight for a machine!

    • myrunningthoughts says:

      I will def let you know which ones I try out.. I made one last night.. not so great, but I have a solution for it 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    I used to hate waiting forever for a machine in the beginning of the year. I quit my old gym a while ago because I was just running outside all the time but now I want to start lifting. I think I’m just going to wait it out a while until new year resolution-ers begin to forget about their new years resolution, haha.


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