Runner’s High

Hello friends!

Yup, I have the bug again, that thing called the Runner’s High, it’s back.  I never really understood it, I mean I experienced it after my very first race, but it slowly faded, and I just ran because I liked it and I knew I had to in order to train for my half marathon.

But last night after work, I went to the gym telling myself, okay just start running and see how far you can go.  I wanted to run the 5 miles I missed on Saturday due to West Virginia’s lack of sidewalks and fitness centers, but I doubted myself.  I don’t know why I doubt myself, but hopefully someday soon I will believe in my running abilities, haha. I have 4 miles today, 2 tomorrow, and 4 on Friday before my 6 mile long run on either Saturday or Sunday, after this weekend all the long run distances are scary to me.  6.2 miles is the furthest I have ever gone, in my whole life, and that was back in October when I believe I was still high off of pain meds from my shoulder surgery.

I know I can do it, I can feel myself getting stronger.  The shorter distances, aka 3 miles, have gotten easier, I feel like I can run a 5k and maybe actually compete for a top prize (maybe), well that is my goal anyway.  I am planning on running 2 races before the actual half marathon in March, a 5k and another 10k.  I hope to improve on my times for both 🙂

I have been falling behind on my Jamie’s Eason workout plan, but I haven’t skipped workouts, okay I skipped a Leg workout a few weeks ago, but since then I haven’t.  Yesterday I did Day 26- Shoulders/abs, which is always a treat, haha.  And today marks the beginning of Phase 2, I am excited to start this phase because it seems that these workouts are going to kick things up a notch 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day, woot the week is half over!


I have no question today, soooo tell me something you are proud of this week 🙂

5 thoughts on “Runner’s High

  1. Paola says:

    Oh yay congrats on the RUNNER’S HIGH haha! You must feel so proud/great! I hope you have a great rest of the week; and keep it up with the workouts!!


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