Dear Treadmill,

I hate you and your wicked moving rubber track, no really I do.  I love running, but you make it so hard to enjoy it.  Every single time we meet, you make my legs hurt, this time you have obviously irritated the inner muscle above my ankle, I am over you.  Okay so not really because it is still too cold and dark to run outside, but can we please stop meeting like this.  I would like to have a few painless meetings.. please? Thanks, I would really appreciate it.




Dear Winter,

You suck, please go away so I can run outside.

Yours Truly,


Okay seriously who else has a love/hate relationship with the treadmill? For now I will suck it up and run on the treadmill with my handy dandy pink laced shoes 🙂

I ran my 4 miles yesterday, but I am totally paying for it today.  The muscle on the inside of my right ankle hurts, I iced it last night, and I am taking the day off from running so hopefully that will help.

I had a pretty bang-o-rang sandwich for lunch yesterday.

We had a lot of leftover lunch meat from this past weekend at snowshoe, because we didn’t eat any of it, so now we must eat it, before it goes bad. No problemo, I love sandwiches (sorry the picture is awful) 🙂

It has been a long week, and I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend hanging out with some friends, hurry up Friday!

Have a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Lauren says:

    Nice, i am done with winter now…after christmas i am pretty much over it so it can be spring now 🙂

  2. Tara says:

    I think I would be writing the same things in my letters to the treadmill and winter. I would also appreciate if the treadmill had some personality. I call it the dreadmill because we dread the boredom that comes with it!!


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