Weekend Eats

Hello friends!

Back to reality, man I wish every Monday was a holiday, but then I guess eventually I would say the same thing about every day of the week. This past weekend was a pretty good food weekend for me, I loooove good food weekends, haha.

Friday during lunch a few of us ladies in the office decided we wanted to go out to lunch.  Everyone had been craving sushi and although I am not a huge fan of it, I decided to go along anyway and try new something new.  I started out with a plate of familiar foods, veggie everything, other than the fake crab in the California Rolls.

Then I ventured back and decided to try a few other rolls.

still not very adventurous because all of those were still pretty safe, California Roll, Spicy California Roll, and a sweet potato roll.  That was until my friend Sarah said that I had to try two new rolls, one that had real crab in it and another that had salmon.  Well I didn’t get a picture of them, but I promise I ate them.  The one with crab had a large piece of crab on top of a bed of rice, with some sort of sauce on it, delish! The other roll was a salmon tempura roll, whaaaa, it was amazing. Thank you Sarah for making me try them.  I don’t think I will get more adventurous than that, as in I don’t think I will ever actually eat anything raw, but hey I tired something new 🙂

That night, Erik was going to a goodbye party for someone at work, so it was dinner for one.  I decided to make mini pizzas with the Foccacia bread that we still have in the freezer, and holy cow was it thebomb.com.  Simple yet hit the right spot 🙂

And then, Saturday afternoon when I was hanging out with my sister, we discovered the most amazing cookie in the ENTIRE world, I’m not kidding.

BIRTHDAY CAKE OREOS! WHAT!? These taste exactly like a birthday cake, they even have sprinkles. I’m not kidding when I say they will change your life. I could eat then entire box, but I didn’t I’ve just been slowly sneaking a few in everyday 🙂 yummy!

I hope everyone has a great day, and go out and get yourselves some birthday cake oreos… seriously…


Have you discovered anything new that you want to share?


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