Still on a high and all things Hunger Games

Hello friends!

Man I am still on a running high from Sunday’s 9 miler and bike ride…buuuut I didn’t run yesterday, ha. I guess what I mean to say is that I feel good, amazing actually.  I am actually looking forward to my last long run before my race this coming weekend. I hope to get to the gym tonight to crank out a nice five mile run. We shall see!

Yesterday my friend/twin sent me this:

Yup, our Hunger Games tickets have officially been purchased and we are ready to go.  We have been toying with the idea of getting shirts for the movie, but everywhere we look they are so freaking expensive.  So we decided to make our own, and by make our own I mean design them on spreadshirt.

Then I decided to make a few more designs, and open a spreadshirt store, you’re welcome.

Obviously after I put those all together, I wanted to buy them all, but I didn’t, but they are there in my store if you want to purchase them.

Also if you have not read the Hunger Games series I suggest you do so immediately, because they are fabulous.  I started and finished the series early last year and have been waiting for the movies to come out!!

Welp I hope everyone has a great day!


Have you read the books?– if not DO IT *shakes fist*

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