Come on Spring!

Hello friends!

I have been itching for springtime weather for a few weeks now, and I am hoping and praying that Monday’s cold weather was a fluke. I am totally ready for it,

Sweet new Revlon shade I got at CVS this weekend for 79 cents with some awesome couponing deals!

Ella has been ready for a while now, she NEEDS the days to get longer so we can take her for walks and play with her outside. She seems to be taking her energy out on her poor toys.

Ha, at least she isn’t taking it out on our furniture 🙂

All day yesterday I was dreaming about dinner, fatty I know, but we were planning on having fajitas and I was excited.  I am so glad they did not disappoint. I tried a pre-marinated steak from Trader Joe’s.

Soooo good, and there was plenty of meat in there for Erik to take to work today AND to put on top of my salad for lunch! WOOT, ahh the little things in life :). I sauteed some peppers and onion to go along with out fajitas/burritos.

The only fail… I forgot to buy salsa! Really?! Oh well, next time.

Hubs woke me up at 5 am today and dragged me to the gym, and I am really glad he did because I feel energized today.  We both started Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer again today, as I mentioned before we had gone through the first 6 weeks before I realized that I would not be able to put in the time I needed for my half marathon training.

But with the race being 11 days (WHAAATTT) away, I figured we could start that back up.  The first phase (4 weeks) of the LiveFit trainer have shorter workouts that I can fit in with a few miles a day, today I only did 2 but it felt good.  I am in the home stretch of half marathon training, I never thought it would get here, but I will be happy to be able to run when I want instead of feeling like I HAVE to run.

Has anyone ever felt that way about their training? I hope I am not alone.

Well I’m off! I hope everyone has a great day!



8 thoughts on “Come on Spring!

  1. Tara says:

    Wow I can’t believe the half marathon is so close!! You’re getting me excited!!! I remember when you first signed up. Time is flying!!!


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