Pinterest Challenge

Hello friends!

My twinsie Erin, friend Lejia and I are going to be starting a Pinterest Challenge. Erin read about this challenge on Young House Love, and we decided to start our own little group (Erin is working on the real Pinterest Challenge button, but for now because I am such an artist…).

We all seem to pin a million things on Pinterest but never actually get around to making them, sooo similar to the ladies of Young House Love, we will be taking on one new project each season. We will have one week to make the project and post about it.  This week since Erin is coming up to visit we will be having an arts and crafts day on Sunday 🙂 Cannot wait!

For our spring edition we decided to make a springtime wreath, and I have been madly pinning wreaths that I like. I think we are pretty set on this wreath,


But we have been having trouble finding acorns so we have been toying around with different materials. I went and got my straw wreath yesterday.

Erin and I decided on the 16” one, the other ones seemed too small. The site where we got the tutorial had suggestions for other materials we could use.. like dried lima beans, but I realllly love the way the acorns look. Here are some other options, help us decide please!

I don’t really want to use these, but they are the right size.

These seem to be too big.

Pumpkin seeds…

Jordan Almonds…. (do these go bad? anyone know?)

If we cannot decide on a material to use, or if we can’t find acorns anywhere (it’s not lookin too good), we might make this wreath instead.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what we could use for our acorn wreath?

5 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge

  1. seejennyrun105 says:

    I saw something that looked like that acorn wreath but made out of Easter Eggs, another made out of baby chicks, and another where they wrapped that straw wreath in green stringy yarn and but flowers on it. I have been wanting to make a wreath lately but I thought people would make fun of me…. hahaha. 😉 Good luck!!

  2. Paola says:

    First of all, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. It is disturbing. But it’s so cool that you guys are doing this challenge! The spring wreath looks like a cool idea- have FUN! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Alyse says:

    Such a great idea! Does this mean that for my challenge I can go on a shopping spree for all the pretty things I’ve pinned? 😉

    I think the Jordan almonds look the most like acorns..but I have no idea if they go bad or not. The coffee filter wreath is pretty, too!


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