Wine & Cheese Party!

Hello friends!

Thanks for all of your ideas and suggestions for our spring wreath! Erin and I finished our wreaths yesterday, and I will post the details tomorrow!

We had such an amazing weekend, our friends Brandon and Erin were in down from Richmond and it was awesome. This post will contain more pictures than words, but everyone loves pictures so here we go, our first ever wine and cheese party (another thing off of my 101 in 1001 list, woot)

Erin and I made a sweet sangria for the party,

It was so fabulous! I am pretty sure Erin and I drank the entire thing :).  Lejia came over before the party and made cookies, we had planned on making the pinwheel cookies I posted about last week, buuuttt they didn’t really turn out that way. Instead she made delicious tie-dye cookies.

looks pretty 🙂

They turned out aweeesome sauce.

Erin and I made the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, and wow these were the best poppers I have ever had.

Ella was ready to party.

So was Erin,

Lauren didn’t waste time with just one drink in hand.

Katie made a great fruit and cheese display

I only wish I had taken a picture of the table at the end of the night, here is it before,

Other than the deviled eggs, Erin’s Pecan Brie was the most popular item on the menu, it disappeared faster than the wine (and that is a tall order). I think I am getting better at taking pictures of food no? 🙂

How good does that look, I mean honestly!?

There was no shortage of meat and cheese at this party.

No shortage of happy people either 🙂

Luke was a bit skeptical

but then he lightened up.

and one little happy doggie….

well mostly happy, she was staring at the table to see if anything would fall her way.

no such luck little baby 🙂

Thank you to all of our friends, and especially Erin (lurve you twinsie, thank you for all of your help), who made this party one of the best parties we have ever had 🙂 I love our friends!


4 thoughts on “Wine & Cheese Party!

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