Lima Bean Wreath-Spring Pinterest Challenge

Hello friends!

Erin and I completed our Spring Pinterest Challenge this past weekend!

We used the idea of the acorn wreath and decided to use a different material (mainly because we could not find acorns this time of year), and we LOVE how it turned out!

Sunday morning after our wine & cheese party, we threw on a pot of coffee and started work on our project.  Please excuse our appearances we had just gotten up and didn’t want to shower and get ready, besides craft projects are better when you do them in your pjs :).

We gathered our materials

and got crankin’… first we took our 16” straw wreath and took the plastic off.

then got right down to it by gluing the Lima beans on.  Erin bought six bags of dried Lima beans.

at first it was all fun and games

but slowly we started getting sore, and tired haha, but we still had a great time 🙂

I will tell you this much, don’t be cheap like me and get a mini glue gun… get a REAL one…

You must work diligently.

At first we had thought we would only do one side of the wreath but as we got further into it, we thought we have come this far we might as well do both sides… so we did.

All done!

beans, up close and personal

Prepare a tree by breaking off unwanted limbs

Then take it outside and hang it on said tree

while your dog supervises

and you start spray painting the heck out of it.

and I mean really get in there

but made sure you only do thin coats so that the spray paint doesn’t drip.

make sure you don’t vandalize your own backyard, or your husband might document it..oops

and hang it up to dry and do a few more coats until it looks the way you want it to 🙂

I have yet to find a ribbon I want to hang it up with, but I am sure I will find one soon and show you a picture of the final final product.

Actually I could use some advice.. What color ribbon should I get?- I am thinking either, white, magenta, or brown….


I hope everyone has a great day!!


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