Richmond Weekend!

Hello friends!

My nail polish obsession continues…

Cute I know. It isn’t a great picture but you get the idea.

Erik, Alaina, Richie and I went down to Richmond this weekend to visit Erin (my twinsie), and Brandon (and to watch The Hunger Games…  We had an amazing time.  We waited until traffic died down on Friday night, picked up Richie and Alaina from the metro and headed down. When we got down there, the first place we went to was Sweet Frog (sorry I didn’t get to snap a picture).  I had a birthday cake and cookies and cream mix, so good! Then we went to a deli which had an original Photobooth and took tons of pictures.

Photobooths are too much fun, as you can see, ha.

Then we went to McComack’s Whiskey Bar…

Woke up Saturday morning to an amazing breakfast the boys put together.

Fruit Crepes!

I slathered put Nutella on this after I took the picture.

Afterwards the ladies and I went shopping for sunglasses…and came home with a little more than we had intended.  But lets be honest, what woman just goes out and buys the ONE thing they set out to get? Not us.  We met the boys for lunch, and I had a Tuscan Panini (O.M.G) with tomato bisque.

Then it was time for the main event of the weekend, The Hunger Games Movie.. oh wait, I failed to mention that we went to Sweet Frog AGAIN.  This time I had a strawberry, mango combination, delish.

Right after this picture, Erin yelled “What are you looking at”, to two teenage boys…. then tripped and almost fell.  We about died laughing, but luckily the boys didn’t see it, so HA. Stupid teenagers. We were the first people in line so we got the best seats, the ones right in behind the railing, woot!  I loved the movie, but then again I had about 12 months separation from the time I read the books until the movie came out, and I think that helped.  I was not happy with the lack of character development in the beginning of the movie, but in all honesty if they had the movie would have been five hours long.  I wouldn’t have had a problem with that, but that is why the books are always so much better than movies.

We literally had nothing else planned for the weekend, which was awesome, so we headed back to Brandon and Erin’s house and had burgers and played Dance Party.  It was sweaty, but fun.


My favorite part of Sunday… Brunch

Veggie Omelet and hashbrowns (oh my).

Erin took some awesome Polaroid pictures while we were there.

We headed home after brunch, we had to get back to go out to dinner with my family to celebrate the Persian New year 🙂

I celebrated with a new Dogfish head seasonal beer before we left.

This MIGHT just be better than my beloved Magic Hat #9. I will have to taste test it again, so I will get back to you. The only problem is that this beer is quite expensive, and I think it is only a seasonal beer, sad.

We had an awesomely delicious time at dinner, check out my new outfit I got this weekend 🙂 looove it!

But now its Monday and it sucks, haha.  I think that Mondays are worse after an awesome weekend.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a better Monday morning than I am having!

What did you do this weekend?

Are Monday’s worse for you after a great weekend?

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