Weekend Photos

Hello friends!

Oh Monday…. why are you always so rough!?

I definitely have a case of the Mondays today.  On Saturday, Erik and I went to the gym for two hours and completed 2 Jamie Eason’s workouts.  We had been behind on the workouts because of everything that was going on last week so we wanted to do two of them to catch up.  Then yesterday we were out all day at an Iranian New Year’s festival and we went to dinner last night with my family so we got home late… aka no gym again this morning.  I promise we will get back on track.  We will do the last workout from week 2 tomorrow along with the first workout for week 3. After that we will be back on track 🙂 woot!

My mommy comes home today! My sister and I are going to go to the airport and pick her up! I can’t wait!  So for now, here are some shots from our weekend.

Friday afternoon with baby Ella 🙂

lazy puppy 🙂

Sunday’s Festival 🙂 we really missed my mommy today…

Then for dinner we went to Bonefish (our favorite restaurant!) and my sissy got the burger (SO GOOD).

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Tell me what you did this weekend!?


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