Green Thumb

Hello friends 🙂

**Check out my guest post on Allie’s blog. She is amazing and I was so happy to write a guest post for her!

I am still soooooooo sore from our workout on Tuesday, seriously I can barely walk (I love it).  So yesterday we decided it would be a good idea to take yesterday off (and have dinner with friends 🙂 ) and hit up the gym later this afternoon.

The lighting outside was pretty freaking awesome yesterday so I decided to take some pictures of the flowers we have this year :).

playing with my camera

Oh and Ella thought we were doing a doggy model shooting, soooo sorry in advance but these are too cute not to put up here 🙂

“Oh you want to take pictures of me?”

“I know I look good”

“get me from my good side please mom”

“Okay maybe both sides look good :)”

Then Lejia and Hyojon came over and we made chicken fajitas, with grilled veggies

and lots of avocados.

It was delicious.

It is almost FRIDAY!


Do you have a green thumb?- My first attempt at a vegetable garden was a bit schizophrenic.

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