Can’t get enough Quinoa

Hello friends!

IT’S FRIDAY! Thank goodness!  I am hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend. I am in one of those “I am obsessed with a certain type of food” phases right now.  My recent obsession: Quinoa! I need to try out new recipes with it though. We have been loving the prepackaged Trader Joe’s Quinoa and veggies


Last night we used it as a side to our chicken and green beans.

Apparently I was really in the mood for green beans.. haha. I have been pinning a lot of quinoa recipes that I want to try out.


I really really really want to make this one!


Plus millions more haha, you can follow me on Pinterest if you like 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tell me what you foods you are obsessed with recently!

3 thoughts on “Can’t get enough Quinoa


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