New things :)

Hello friends!

I have the shopping bug…not always a good thing for the wallet but sometimes you just gotta spend some money. Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy!

My phone was in need of replacement, the connection for the charger was not working well and it would randomly restart every time I used it.  So on Monday I bit the bullet and went to the Sprint store and bought a new phone!

and I finally got the Instagram app! I also decided that I wanted to get some new outfits for the spring. I have been going on and on about wanting a pair of Coral pants so I went to Ann Taylor Loft to find some…

I was not successful, apparently everyone wears the same size pants as I do, so they were all out of my size, but that didn’t stop me from picking up a few things 😉

New Capri, can’t decide what top to wear with it though, suggestions welcome 🙂

New WHITE Capri and a sweet Hokie colored shirt!!!!

and the sweet outfit I am wearing today, the skirt is new and was on SALE!

Yes I do know that it was 47 degrees this morning, but I wanted to wear it..

We also tried out a new prepackaged Trader Joe’s Kimchi Fried Rice


You must try this if you like Kimchi 🙂 After I took that picture I realized how much rice I had on my plate and cut it in half, oopps ha.

And this morning while listening to my favorite Radio Station DC101, Elliott from Elliott in the Morning was talking to one of my favorite authors Brad Meltzer, who was talking about this new book. Hero’s for my Daughter, so I had to order that for my kindle, duh.

I obviously haven’t read it yet but the book is a culmination of stories that have lessons he feels are important for his daughter to learn when she grows up.

“Heroes for My Daughter” (Harper), by Brad Meltzer: Brad Meltzer’s follow-up to his amazing “Heroes for My Son” features more talented individuals who prove one person truly can change the world….“Heroes for My Daughter” is the perfect book to read aloud to your children. The discussions generated from talking about these individuals will spark creativity and provide concrete examples that prove a hero doesn’t have to be wealthy or pretty. It’s all about standing up for what’s right against all odds. Meltzer sums it up best to his daughter: “Always remember: The truth is what people say behind your back.”


If you have a chance please go out and get this book, I think that it will get you thinking about what is important in your own life.

I hope everyone has a great day!


I love books, and would love to hear what your favorite book is (other than the Hunger Games, I have already read them).

5 thoughts on “New things :)

  1. Molly P says:

    Adorable skirt! I would have worn the outfit too despite the weather! And I like the gray top with the capris the best! Cute cute.

  2. Kate says:

    Cute outfit! I like the blue capris with the pinkish shirt. Very cute. And yes it’s time for spring outfits whether the weather agrees or not.


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