Back Blogged

Hello friends!

Sorry I haven’t been updating and commenting the past few days. I did something screwy with my blog last Friday and they have been working to fix it. But now we are back up and running and I wanted to let you guys know that I did in fact successfully complete my Pinterest Food Challenge and have put up 2 more posts about it.

Thursday night we had Emily’s vegetable Miso-Tahini pasta, and Friday night I made these incredible bubble meatballs. So go back and read those posts they are definitely worth making.

Now let’s move on to a regular Monday post… a weekend recap.  This was an amazing weekend.  Well Friday night we stayed at home and watched Smash, love that show, but on Saturday got up really early and knocked out all of our cleaning and laundry chores, played lacrosse in the backyard then headed out to Sean’s birthday dinner.

I looove how summery this outfit is! Oh yea I should mention that Anya (my youngest sister in law) made me an AWESOME Lemon cake.

We are trying to convince her to become a pastry chef!

You thought the outside was amazing.. check this out


Fabulous!  Last night she said she would make it again for me for my birthday! WOOT!

We went to a place called Extra Virgin, for dinner Saturday night and the food there was actually very good.  At dinner Erik got this

Ranger IPA, I might have found a new favorite…well not really nothing will ever be better than my Dogfish Head 120 min IPA. BUT this was a verrrry close second!

After dinner we went to Bungalows for some drinks and a massive amount of people watching…oh boy. Sorry I was too busy watching so I didn’t take any pictures.

Sunday morning all Ella wanted to do was lay around, but we had other plans, ha.

We met up with Philippe and Oriana for brunch in Dupont. We went to Sette Osteria, we had a great time chatting and filling our bellies with amazing food.  Then walked around DC (yes in the pouring rain), and visited a bunch of vintage clothing stores.  Philippe and Oriana are getting married in August and they are having a vintage themed wedding, so they were helping us find outfits.  I cannot wait until their wedding; it is going to be so much fun.  I am still looking for the perfect dress, but I have decided that I want it to be yellow, soo if you have any ideas, please send them my way!

Another great weekend in the books!


What did you do this weekend?


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