Recaps Galore

Hello friends 🙂

Boy oh boy was this weekend jam packed! I need a weekend to recover from this weekend. Thursday night Iused a brand new to me sauce from Trader Joe’s to make chicken and veggies.

This red curry sauce was amazing, and had just the perfect amount of spice.  We spread the sauce on the chicken then grilled it, while the veggies were roasting in the oven.

I just sprinkled those with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Friday during work, I accompanied Sarah to a place called Apple Spice Junction, so that she could get her lunch, this place was sooooo freaking cute.

Unfortunately I had brought my lunch, I just wanted to get out of the office for a bit.  But Sarah said her sandwich was amazing, so I think we will be making another visit there pretty soon.

When we got home, Erik had a package waiting for him… A new snowboard.. it was an early birthday present he got for himself 🙂 ahh he is just so freaking cute 🙂

On my way home from work on Friday I decided I needed a little pick me up, so I bought these.

plus an un-pictured six pack of Sam Adams Alpine Springs.. good 🙂

Saturday we went to the Green Turtle with Richie and Alaina and watched the Caps game… which was very disappointing… the game not the company 🙂

Rage = Table Flipping (you had to be there to understand)

Afterwards we picked up Lauren and David and headed to DC to Luke’s house for a party.  We started off the night playing Kings.  Luke’s roommates changed the rules slightly so that when you drew a 9 you had to assign people to do a physical challenge. Luckily we didn’t know his roommate at all so they just picked on each other.  Here is an example of a game we like to call, “who can do the longest handstand”

Not really sure what is going on in this next picture, but Luke has a funny expression.

haha, it was a good night.

Sunday morning, Erik took me out for a breakfast date 🙂 then we spent the rest of our day over at Hugh and Shera’s house for their son Ian’s third birthday party. I took a lot of pictures with my DSLR, which I obviously don’t have right now, but I will put up some snapshots tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


What was the best thing you did this weekend?

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