Sports run my life

Hello friends!

Looks like all of you agree that #1 my sandwich was the, and #2 pirate parties are amazing especially when the pirate is as cute as Ian!

Onto the topic for today… I have a problem, I allow sports to run my life, emotionally and physically.  The physical aspect is obvious, I love playing sports and I feel the best when I am part of a team.  I have been playing softball since I was 10 years old, ya that is almost 17 years ago! I have always been emotionally vested in every single team I have been a part of and I think that is why I let professional sports effect me so much.

I played softball in college, and I loved most of the ladies that were a part of the team.  We won a lot of games and we were even National Champions 🙂 I am so happy that I was able to include softball in my college career.

My love of professional sports started in high school when I started watching professional football, but never really took off until I went to college and I feel head over heels with watching the Hokies play.

I would go through the week looking forward to the Saturday afternoon or evening games,

Honestly during football season, I was either at Lane Stadium or in front of the tv watching unreasonable hours of football.

I guess that is the reason why if the Hokies lost (which was rare), I would be in a terrible mood until the following weekend.


Sadness was painted on the faces of almost every student on campus the Monday after a Hokie loss.  That shirt isn’t lying when it says we are a town with a football problem.

Also during this time I made the mistake of also falling in love with the Redskins.  We have been to a couple of games, and they are just a frustrating team to watch… They have a lot of talent, but somehow manage to fall apart with it comes time to play.

After I graduated from Tech and moved back home, I started watching Professional Hockey, and once again fell in love with another Washington DC team, the Washington Capitals.  Hockey is probably one of the fastest, most intense sports I have ever watched, and I love it!

The Caps are in the second round of the playoffs right now.  They lost their first game against the NY Rangers (which inspired this table flip picture)

but on the second one!

(this picture was taken for Diana after we scored our first goal last night)

But last night the Caps lost last night and I have once again let it bring me down!  *shakes fist* Ella wasn’t too trilled about the triple overtime loss either.

I want to know, are you guys emotionally vested in sports teams? Do you let it effect your everyday life? or am I just crazy?

I hope everyone has a great day!


3 thoughts on “Sports run my life

  1. Tiffany says:

    *New reader*

    I’ve had a fantasy football team for the last three years. Trust me I know what it’s like to plan your Sundays around football and to be in a bad mood when several teams (or players do badly). And I love my college team to death (Go Dukes!). I wear purple and gold or JMU attire every Saturday during football season regardless of whether I’m at the game in person or watching on tv/listening to the radio!

  2. Kate says:

    You played college softball? How neat! Unfortunately, I’m living in Rangers territory, but as I don’t really care about hockey, I’ll *quietly* root for the Caps for you!


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