Cinco de Mayo and other weekend happenings

Hello friends!

Thank you all for your thoughts on my post last Friday.  I am happy to report that I have been doing well with moderation.  I did indulge a bit this weekend, but it could have been worse.  I stopped myself a few times from going overboard, and today I feel great 🙂

Thursday night Patti and Ramsey came over for dinner.  I made the Thai coconut curry soup for them, and they loved it.  I have absolutely no photos from dinner, but it was good.  After we ate we played a short game of Mad Gab (if you have never played before, you should, it’s amazing), then we talked about their upcoming trip to Ireland 🙂  Erik and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon, and had a great time so we wanted to share some “insider” information with them.  It was great to relive our honeymoon, and they have been tempting us to go with them again this summer… I wish…. Great night!

Friday night we went over to Lejia’s house for dinner and drinks.  She made some amazing chicken kebabs, brussels sprouts (my first time ever having them), and sangria.


Saturday after cleaning the house up a bit, we had Erik’s family over for some Cinco de mayo celebrations.

Ha, my best friend’s mom put this graphic up on facebook and I thought it was funny.

I was so busy cooking that I didn’t have any time to take pictures of the food I made.  But there was lots of it.  I made some Lime-Chipotle chicken quesadillas, Chicken Chimichangas, and Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tamalitos


Everything was amazing!  I’m sad I didn’t take any pictures, you will just have to take my word for it.

Sunday morning, Erik had a football game, so I got up at the same time and headed to the gym 🙂 It felt good to sweat.  I was there for a little over an hour, then headed home and got read to go shoe shopping 🙂 I got two pairs of shoes

and another pair I will put up next time i wear them, ha. We needed some serious refueling after our shopping adventure so we headed back to Erik’s parents house to use their new Ninja to make some smoothies.

Strawberry banana love 🙂

We decided that next time we go to Costco, we have to get a Ninja, smoothies in the summer are going to be amazing.

ahh another fantastic weekend under my belt 🙂


What is your favorite thing to put into a smoothie?

7 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo and other weekend happenings

  1. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says:

    Hehe that picture is silly with the mayo… sounds like you had a nice weekend! I cannot wait to make more smoothie this summer, I want to branch out with my fruit choices though and try items like pineapple, mango, papaya, grapes maybe? Just different stuff!


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