Storms= sleeping in

Hello friends!

Thank you for your concern about my ankle! I feel a LOT better today!! I guess a full day of icing and elevating helped out a lot.  I will continue to ice and elevate throughout the day today and hopefully I will be back at the gym tomorrow morning.


It felt really good to sleep in today, especially because it was POURING outside this morning. And when I say pouring I mean the whole shebang, lighting/thunder! Insane.  I don’t think Ella likes storms too much, because we woke up with her snuggling between us in our bed.

I feel good today, I really needed to go to bed early last night and sleep in this morning, aka not wake up at 4:50am to go to the gym, in order to get my bearings straight.

Sorry this post is so boring.. haha, yesterday was a pretty boring day around our neck of the woods. Perhaps today will be a bit more exciting, that or I will find something more exciting to share with you guys tomorrow 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


Do rainy days make you want to sleep in and be lazy?

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