Hello friends!

Oh man what a crazy weather day yesterday!  We had some intense lighting and thunder roll through our area last night while we were watching Glee :), so loud that Ella got scared and ran upstairs to her “room”.

Yesterday as well as this morning we skipped the gym, partially because of the storms but mainly because I still cannot fit my foot into a shoe, so instead I started prepping our workout books

I really wish that there was an app for the LiveFit trainer, so that we could just take our phones or Ipod Touch and use that to keep track of our workouts.  We used to lift weights and not keep a record of our progress but we weren’t seeing results and I think it had a lot to do with the fact that we had no idea when we needed to move up in weights.  It seemed like we were just content with the weights we were using, and now that we keep a record I can look back at my previous weeks and increase when I need to.  I recommend keeping a workout log to anyone who is following the LiveFit program :).

I also decided that I want to start running again.  I’ve taken about a two month break after my first half marathon, because we started phase 1 of the Livefit trainer and it is recommended that you don’t do any cardio.  But now that we are in phase two, cardio is back!  The workouts in phase two are also longer, so I think instead of going back to the gym after work I will turn on my Garmin and head out for a run everyday day after work (or at least every other day).  Obviously I need to wait until my ankle is healed but I like my plan.

I also think it will help me from snacking when I get home from work…

sorry my nails look ghetto. But this Klondike was aah-mazing, thank you sissy for getting these for me for my birthday.

I hope everyone has a great day! It is supposed to be 86 degrees here today!!! 🙂


Does anyone know of an app for the LiveFit trainer?

Do you keep a workout log?

9 thoughts on “Prepping

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have kept a workout log for the past few years. I record my cardio type and time, exercises, weights used, and any other information from my workout. I have definitely noticed better results since I started keeping a log. I try to increase my weight or number of reps each week.

    • myrunningthoughts says:

      yea it was, but I started it after I ran my half marathon so I think I wanted to take a break from running. And I think my body needed it too, if that makes sense.


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