Alaina’s Graduation Party

Hello friends!

We had another stellar weekend, and I can’t wait to share 🙂 Friday while I was doing some work at home and waiting for Erik to pick me up so we could go to our refinance, I snapped some pictures of Ella. She really loves it when I don’t go into work.

hehe what a lazy baby. After we saved a bazillion dollars by refinancing, we headed back home to relax a bit before Erik left to go hang out with a work buddy, and I went over to Brandy’s house for ladies night.

(I am in love with bright colors)

Goood times were had!  After our ladies party, Erik and I went to finally see The Avengers! Oh man it was soo good.

Saturday morning we woke up to beautiful weather once again,

After breakfast we headed out into the yard and cleaned up a bit.  We had an unreasonable amount of Ivy growing around our pond and on the fence. Four hours and a million cuts later we were done and had a well deserved smoothie before we headed over to Alaina’s graduation party.

Seriously, this Ninja is amazing. Onto the party! We played cornhole (those are the boards we made after we graduated college)

ate yummy food

and designed a new tshirt… you had to be there to understand, ha

Hello Grad, you make me happy 🙂

I told you I like bright colors,

🙂 pure happiness!

Sunday was all about food and chores.  After Erik got back from his football game we had lunch

then headed to the mall where we were unsuccessful in finding me shoes, headband, and clutch (super disappointed in Charming Charlie right now).  But we found Erik a tie and when we got home, after a much needed nap, I ordered my shoes off of Amazon and headband off of the Charming Charlie website.

Not too shabby. Then dinner happened,

and afterwards we went to our very very late softball games.  I am pooped!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Best thing you did this weekend.. Go!



9 thoughts on “Alaina’s Graduation Party

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