Hello friends!

Man I cannot believe its Friday before a three day weekend and I am at home sick as a dog :-/.  Everyone in my office was sick all last week and the beginning of this week, so I knew in the back of my mind I was going to catch the bug too, but I was still hoping it would skip me! No such luck.  So here I am blogging from my couch praying that this sickness goes away before this weekend!

I just wanted to check in real quick and share a few eats from yesterday.

Snacky snack after work…

Yummy dinner 🙂

sorry for the short post, but I must get some rest!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.


6 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. Food Stories says:

    OMG … you poor thing. I hope I’m not mixing up my blogs but didn’t you recently have the ankle thing and the web site hack? I’m totally praying for you, Dorsa … Rest up this weekend!

  2. Paola says:

    Aw man, I hope you get better! Getting sick is the worst 😦 I hate it when everyone around you is sick and then you’re stuck thinking…”Am I next?”.

    Haha, have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and get well soon!


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