Only Wednesday!?

Hello friends!

I cannot believe it is only Wednesday.. seriously, I feel like this has been the longest week already, and we are only half way through.  I guess it’s always bad when you wake up and think its Thursday.. fail…

Last night I wanted to make another quick meal, so while Erik was on his way home I marinated some chicken in Nando’s sauce


and sauteed them in a pan while I cooked my newest obsession Trader Joe’s Chimichurri Rice


mmm mmm mm. The veggies in this are so incredibly fresh, you wouldn’t think it was frozen.  The peas were crisp, unlike most frozen peas.  The Nando’s marinated chicken and chimichurri rice were the perfect combo, or as Erik likes to call this a “do it again meal” 🙂

Tonight I am trying out another version of Mac & Cheese my friend Rose found on Pinterest…

Quinoa Mac & Cheese!?!>! whaaaaa? I can’t wait!


If you haven’t noticed I am trying to keep dinners simple and quick this week. Mainly because when I get home I have been obsessed with reading a new book that my sister in law Diana bought for me for my birthday. Delirium


If you loved the Hunger Games, I highly recommend this series!! Thanks so much Diana 🙂 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


Do you like reading?– I love it 🙂 My goal is to read 12 books this year.. so far I have read 4… I am one book behind!

9 thoughts on “Only Wednesday!?

  1. Melissa (Better Fit) says:

    Wow- Quinoa mac and cheese sounds AMAZING!!!

    I do love reading, but I always have a hard time choosing a book! It’s like choosing films- I always have loads that I want to see but can never think of them when I actually sit down to choose something to watch! 🙂


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