Cake, beer, doughnuts and ice cream

Hello friends!

It’s Friday, thank goodness!  The first week back after an awesome vacation is always the worst, and I am so glad it’s almost over.. just a few more hours.

Last night Anya and my sissy came over for dinner. I made an awesome Chipotle Chicken Salad:

I found the recipe here. I think that it could use a little bit of taco seasoning, and I think I put in too many onions. But other than that it was very good.

Let’s see where did we leave off yesterday… oh ya.. The day after the crazy clouds it was about 102 degrees.  We lasted about an hour on the beach before we could not handle the heat and decided to spend the day indoors.  Erik and his dad went to find a bar to watch the Germany/Italy soccer match, while his mom and I put together Aunt Sue’s new kitchen island

We laughed so hard I almost peed my pants through most of this adventure. I will spare you the details.

On Friday Aunt Sue came up to the lake with Quinn and Audrey.

and later in the day Katie came up to the lake with Paddy, Declan and Molly. I am not quite sure where all my pictures of the Foy kids went but I stole this one from Katie’s facebook page because they are just too cute not to share

Katie and I went Walmart to get some food for the night….

yup, beer, doughnuts, a Dora cake, ice cream, and bread 🙂 haha.

We had a birthday party for Aunt Sue

That cake was amazing in case you were wondering.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂 We are supposed to go to Pups in the Park at Nationals Stadium… but it looks like its going to be around 104 degrees so we might have to skip it :-/

7 thoughts on “Cake, beer, doughnuts and ice cream

    • myrunningthoughts says:

      As soon as I saw this comment last night it started to storm like crazy.. The temperature dropped 30 degrees in like 15 minutes it was awesome! So now we are in the mid to high 70s!


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