Weekend Fun

Hello friends!

What a great weekend 🙂 I always know my weekends are going to be amazing when they start out with Friday afternoon lunch with my mom and sister 🙂  This week, Kody and my friend Sarah joined us for lunch and we went to Vapiano’s. mmmm mmm I got the chicken pesto pasta

Sarah had never been before and she said she loved the food!  Actually I think she said we have to come back here all the time. haha, fine by me!

After work we had to run a few errands.. it was hot…

and the temperature remained that high (and higher) most of the weekend until late Sunday night when we were hit with a crazy storm that dropped the temperature about 30 degrees in a matter of 15 minutes

The power didn’t go out so I am totally not complaining, we have been blessed with temperatures in the mid to high 70s today!

Anywayyyy back to Friday night, I will give you one guess as to what we did…. we went bowling 🙂

Our very last game was the closest game we have ever had…

Diana was the last one to bowl on the opposing team, and she was on point.. look at her score 126, she was on a roll. But our team squeaked in the victory.

On Saturday we were supposed to go to Pups in the Park with my sissy, but seeing as how the temperature was supposed to feel somewhere between 111 and 115 we decided to spend the day at Patti and Ramsey’s pool 🙂 Muuuch better choice.

That was our makeshift volley ball net. We were there all day.. and all night.. hehe thanks for having us over guys!

Sunday morning we decided to have a little French toast for breakfast 🙂

I could only eat two of them, sadly I had to throw the last one out.. I know I know…

Like I said I slept most of the day on Sunday, but we did go over to Erik’s parents house for an impromptu family dinner.. . I made cake 🙂

I split the funfetti cake in half and mixed some raspberry jam into regular whipped vanilla frosting for the middle layer, and topped the cake off with the remaining vanilla frosting. It was fabulous.

It was a great weekend surrounded by friends and family, can’t ask for anything more 🙂


What did you do to stay cool this weekend?


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