C is for Cookie

Hello friends!

Yesterday during lunch Sarah and I took a little trip to Potbelly…. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is what happened last time I went to Potbelly

I was not about to let that happen again, so I made sure I pick one up as soon as I got into line,

Boom. It was the best cookie I think I have ever had at a restaurant.

For dinner, since our fridge is pretty much empty I defrosted some ground beef and made some dirty rice.

It was actually pretty good.  I had to have a little plain yogurt on the side to mellow the salt out but mmmmmm, so good.

I have been trying to clean up our yard after work, because seriously it looks like a jungle.  I will have to snap a picture of the backyard when I get home today to show you all, but trust me its bad.  We haven’t done much yard work since…. well, the weekend before Erik’s birthday party! Wow that was over 2 months ago.  I mean obviously the lawn has been mowed, but weeding.. forget about it.

Oh well, it will get done 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!

What is the longest you guys have ever put off yard work.. or well chores I guess for those that don’t own homes


5 thoughts on “C is for Cookie

  1. Molly P says:

    Potbellys= YUM. Also I hate cleaning the bathroom, so I put it off long enough until the husband does it 🙂


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