Telling my Sister

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was a very busy weekend indeed.  My goal this weekend was to clean our my closet, and I did it!  I packed away all the clothes that don’t currently fit me and we went to old navy and picked up a few more elastic waistband skirts 😉 haha.

On Saturday we celebrated Lauren’s birthday.. here are a few pictures.. I’ll share more later… amazing food 🙂

And family 🙂🙂 Happy early birthday Splor!

Alright back to our pregnancy announcement series haha….

The next person we told was my sister.  I wanted my little sister to know before the rest of the family because well quite honestly because she is my baby sister, and I wanted to tell her in an extra special way.  So I went to Target and found this little number:

I know it looks girly, but it was the only “aunt” onesie I found so I got it. I knew it would get the point across.  Well Friday June 8th my sissy came over to hang out with me and sleep over and that is when I said, “hey I have a present for you for watching Ella last weekend.” Of course she was excited. Haha I was super excited/anxious!  I told her Erik had wanted me to record it since he couldn’t be there to see her open it. Here is the video 🙂 sorry the video is sideways. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it..

My sissy was super excited

We cried and hugged for a long time.  It was awesome.  Then she called Erik and said congrats and we passed out on the couch watching RV. Haha. It was a great weekend!

Come back tomorrow, I’ll let you know how we told the rest of our family.


4 thoughts on “Telling my Sister

  1. Paola Angeli says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! I just caught up with your posts – CONGRATULATIONS! I am so, so excited for you!!! I loved the way you told both your sister and your husband – absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to read about these coming months!!!


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