Four & Five Weeks!

Hello friends!

First I want to start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!!

Thank you all for being so sweet about my recent posts!  I am so happy we were able to capture those moments on camera. Unfortunately I had planned on recording the announcement, but I messed it up so we don’t have a video of it, but the pictures are still amazing.

I also want to share that I am back in the gym!  Currently I am doing some upper body work, I am weary of doing squats and working out my legs, so I have to check with my doctor on the limits of that before I get into it, but I feel good.  More on that when we get to live posts in a few weeks.. 🙂 But for now.. back to my previously written posts.

After I found out I was pregnant, the following day I came down with a terrible head cold, and it wasn’t until I FINALLY got to talk to my bestie Bethany and tell her the good news that my cold started going away.  But I digress….I stayed home the following Friday because I woke up with a low grade fever and decided I needed to rest.  Luckily it was the start of a long weekend (Memorial Day Weekend), so I would have an extra two days off of work.  That didn’t really mean I was going to have time to sleep, but I had a good weekend regardless.  It took a lot for me to keep this secret that weekend because everyone was over at our house for Erik’s party.  But using my head cold as a cover, I drank water all day and my cover was not blown. Maybe? You guys tell me if you knew?! ha

I was extremely tired all week, so much that I thought I would have to take daily naps in my car while I was at work.  I could NOT keep my eyes open.  Here is my week 5 picture, and I note to little baby S (I don’t know how long I will keep these letters up, but here it is for now)

Dear little baby S,

This week you have been pretty good to mommy. I am very close to getting over this cold without medicine, so thank you for putting up with me throughout this week.  This week we took you to UVa for your daddy’s alumni weekend.  We had a lot of fun, but you didn’t want to stay up very late so we went to bed before everyone else.  You starting giving me heartburn towards the end of this week, nothing a little tums couldn’t fix.


Your very sleepy mommy


6 thoughts on “Four & Five Weeks!

  1. Molly P @Molly on the Run says:

    I am loving all of these posts, it must be so so exciting! Congrats once again, I’m so excited to follow along!


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