A few recent purchases

Hello friends!

ahh Wednesday… I wish today was Friday for two reasons… #1 my twinsie Erin, goes to the doctor to find out if they are having a boy or a girl 🙂 and #2… well just the fact that it would be Friday, ha. I’m not feeling great today, not sure what it is that I have been eating that is making me feel sick, but it might be my morning cereal combos 😦 Not cool.  I also think I’ve been overdoing the dairy so that might have something to do with my upset stomach, but I will cut out the cereal first and see how that works out for me.  It is so weird how my body is going through all these crazy changes, first coffee now this.. insane.

I’ve gone a little shop happy the past few weeks. I mentioned that I bought the rug for the nursery

It came in the mail early last week and its been sitting in the nursery in the bag since.  We did take it out to see what it looked like in the room and we love it.  It will totally match the glider and ottoman I’ve picked out for the room



I’m stoked to get that… not for a while we still have a lot of work to do in the nursery before we can get any furniture….  but soon.. hopefully in a month or 2.

Last Friday, I was searching on the interwebs and my sister found the diaper bag that I wanted on SALE $60 off at Nordstrom, so I jumped the gun and bought it. There was a little drama with the purchase but the good people at Nordstrom took care of it and I received my bag yesterday!  It is the most perfect bag in the entire world.

I am adding to my pile of baby stuff that I have stored up in the nursery

I got that little construction bear a few years ago at my old job when I donated to the March of Dimes.  And since my hubby works in the construction industry I think it’s pretty fitting to have the bear in the nursery 🙂 That and it’s just so stinkin cute.

Welp I hope everyone has a great day! Oh ya and a very very happy birthday to my cousin Kian  🙂

Love you!


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