Another fabulous weekend

Hello friends!

It smells like Fall is just around the corner!!! AH I cannot wait.  Last night we even slept with the windows open! It was glorious.

On Friday, we met up with Diana, Sunny, Drew and Ashley for dinner at Pho and then headed out to see ParaNorman… It was okay, it had some funny parts, but we had some rude kids sitting next to us.. I really wanted to smack them… ugh.. You are at a movie with other people not in your living room, I don’t want to hear your commentary.


Saturday morning I had the pleasure of spending the day with Brandy 🙂 We chatted and watched Erik pull a tree out from our backyard. ha. We were going to Joanna’s house to hang out with her for the morning but Brandy had to be somewhere at 2 and weren’t going to have enough time :(.  We have plans to meet up in the next few weeks though 🙂

Afterwards Erik and I headed up to Rockville for a birthday party. Sam, Kristy and Patti all have August birthdays so they combined their parties into one day. The day was filled with good food and good friends :).

Sunday morning we headed to Eastern Market for brunch with Philippe and Oriana. It was a bit rainy but we didn’t let that stop us from getting crepes for desert 🙂

I went with the Nutella and Banana crepe, and boy was it awesome. I want to make them every morning for breakfast…mmmm…. I bought a few fruits from the market and we headed back home.  Ella was pooped, and Erik had some work to do.. barf.. So I took the time to do my nails haha

I think it’s more of a winter color but I love it.

Tonight we are going to cheesetique with Richie and Alaina!!! I cannot even contain my excitement for this place.  They have been wanting to take us here for a loooong time, and we finally made a date! I will make sure I take pictures tonight and report back tomorrow 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!


What did you do this weekend?

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