Oh Cheese You Complete Me

Hello friends!

Oh man last night Cheesetique changed my life.

We met Richie and Alaina there for dinner and we started off with an amazing cheese board

We had a garlic brie, fire roasted chèvre, Cajun Cheddar (OMG) and one more hard cheese that started with nap…. It had a funky name, but was so delish.  The bought a jar of the spicy mustard you see in the middle of the board, holy S it was good and I don’t even like mustard! ha.  For my entree I ordered the “‘tiqUe Cheesesteak” From the website, “Tender slices of sautéed flank steak, creamy Taleggio and garlic aioli on ciabatta.  Rich and filling”.. and boy was it ever filling

It was delish, but oh so filling! I can’t wait to go back there and try something new 🙂

Thank you Richie and Alaina for introducing us to this wonderful place. 🙂

At home before we left to go to dinner, Ella and I had a photo session.. she is too cute and I can’t take enough pictures of her

I will spare you the 15 pictures I took of her in this exact position 🙂 haha. Got a snapshot of both my babies 😉

I hope everyone has a great day!!


What is your fav cheese? haha

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