Remodeled Closets

Hello friends!

Happy Friday! Why is it that the short weeks always feel like the longest! Anyway, we had some exciting stuff going on at our house this week.  As you all know we got our closets done :). And now its time for the big reveal.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of each closet before they were redone, but two out of three looked like this… and the one in the nursery just had the clothing bar.. no shelves..

They spent the first day demoing..

It was a very messy and loud day.. Ella didn’t like it too much so my mom and sister came to pick her up for the day.  We decided to go with a light grey as the interior to all the closets, instead of painting them the same colors of the rooms. We figured when we want to sell our house it would be better to have a neutral color in there.

Then Wednesday we came home to these amazing and beautiful closets..

My closet…

Erik’s closet….

Nursery closet 🙂

I cannot wait to fill that one with cute little baby clothes! 16 days till we find out!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂


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