Hello friends!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I am in full nesting mode, now that the closets are done, the room is painted and the crown molding is fixed it’s totally on.  Thank you a million times to my wonderful husband for his patience 🙂 And my mom, sister, Farid and father in law for helping him move all the boxes into our nursery 🙂

We started off with the bookcase on Saturday,

Ella was not impressed..

After putting together the bookcase and the little drawers and cabinets, I was pooped.  But we had to go to Baby’s R Us to pick up the crib and dresser.  Apparently they have a policy were if you don’t pick it up within seven days your merchandise is considered to be abandoned. uh no thanks, so we picked it up as soon as we had the vehicles to do so.  We got there and found out that only the dresser would fit into our car, so we brought that home and Erik’s dad helped him put it into the garage… please excuse the HIDEOUSNESS that is our garage, we did not paint it these colors, this is how we bought the house. ha

Then my mom and Farid came over and helped moved the dresser into the nursery 🙂

I sent these pictures to Erin and we both decided the bookcase would look better without the white drawers.. so I took them out and I will be replacing them with colorful baskets after we find out what we are having 🙂

I took some better pictures this morning.

It’s a little dusty in there.. eek. I need to vacuum today… Ella seems to like the new room

or does she..

hehe.. On Sunday we borrowed Jan and Hyojon’s van and picked the crib up…. Obviously we haven’t put it together yet..

Hopefully we will do that sometime this week, or later on this coming weekend.

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂


What did you guys do this weekend!?



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