Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hello friends!

We have the first of our two doctor’s appointments this week πŸ™‚ Today’s appointment is a general checkup, hopefully I will get to hear the baby’s heartbeat FINALLY πŸ™‚ (she has been able to hear it but we haven’t) Β Then our appointment on Friday is our 20 week ultrasound, complete with gender!!! As I’ve said before we won’t actually know until Sept. 23, because I thought it was a great idea to make myself wait another 10 days before I found out haha. Β Oh well we have waited 20 weeks, what’s 10 more days if we can share it with friends an family πŸ™‚

Last Friday at work we had a football kickoff party, and I have yet to share the pictures of the amazing food we had.

I made a Quinoa Mango Salad πŸ™‚

I ate a lot.. ugh. haha.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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