Linen Closet Organization

Hello friends!

It’s no secret that I have been nesting like crazy and in an effort to slow down my nursery nesting, I decided to take on our linen closet this past weekend.  That closet was a mess. I am seriously embarrassed to show you all this picture, but you have to see what it looked like to fully appreciate the end result 🙂

I am not sure how we ever found anything in there.. So on Thursday I went Home Goods and picked up those awesome fabric bins,

And some handy dandy Martha Stewart labels

Ella watched nervously as I emptied the linen closet (she thought we were moving)

Our room was a mess… But I couldn’t be happier with the results…

ahh so clean and organized! My hubby is a pretty happy camper too, he has been wanting to organize that closet since we moved in almost four years ago.. eek.  Next organization battle… the garage…..that will take a few days and a lot of elbow grease!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Have you ever gotten the urge to organize that you couldn’t think of doing anything else until it was done?!? –no just me?! ha

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