Letters and Numbers

Hello friends!

WOOT Friday! This week has seriously been dragging, and I am so glad it is Friday.  We are carving pumpkins this weekend!!!!!!!! I seriously love the fall.  I was thinking maybe we would make this pumpkin French Toast on Sunday also.. hmmm.. maybe.. it looks so good!


On Wednesday my sister and I took on another craft project for the nursery.

I have know for a while I wanted some sort of alphabet and number poster or picture in the nursery, but I hadn’t found one I loved until earlier this week.. Unfortunately I didn’t really want to spend $32, on the two 8 x 10 replicas.  I wanted them on a canvas, and I really wanted to make them myself.  So I went to Michaels, bought my supplies

and went to my momma’s house to make them with my sister. I think they turned out even better than I had imagined they would!

Do you love em?

Hopefully I will start hanging some stuff up in the nursery this weekend or sometime next week :).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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