A vote and a test

Hello friends!

Sorry this posty post is so late, but I had my 28 week appointment today 🙂 I had my glucose test which entailed drinking this

which really wasn’t too bad.  It tasted like a flat orange soda, and I love orange soda so meh. I should get my test results sometime either tomorrow or Friday.  *Crossing our fingers I pass!*

Last night I left work early in order to get to the polling site before the rush… uh.. ya right.. I waiting an hour an a half in HEELS (bad choice of footwear) in order to cast my vote.  There were lines as far as the eye could see

And the two guys behind me had no idea what personal space was. I almost lost it and snapped at them, they kept bumping into me.  Rude. Luckily I was gchatting with Erin and Diana and they both kept me level headed. But in the end, I got my sticker 🙂

WOOT. I am so glad the election is over with, those tv commercials were really driving me up the wall!  Thank goodness for DVR!

I hope everyone has a great day, and hopefully this nor’easter stays away from the east coast!!!



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