Things you do NOT say to a pregnant lady

Hello friends.

Happy Friday! My doctor called me yesterday afternoon and said that I PASSED my glucose test with flying colors! YAY. I am ecstatic!

I thought today I would grace you with a few things that have been said to me in the last few weeks.  Just to give you a heads up, under NO circumstances is it okay to ask any pregnant lady any of these questions.  Also people have been asking me if it’s weird when people want to touch my belly and to that I say, as long as you are family or a close friend but I really love sharing his movements with all of you, just make sure you ask and give me enough time to respond ;). Onto the questions/comments….

  1. “OMG, you look like you are going to pop!”
  2. “How many days do you have left?”
  3. “You look huge today.”
  4. “How much weight have you gained?” (Do you EVER ask any woman that question.. no.)
  5. “Are you sure you don’t have twins in there?”

And lastly


Have a great weekend!


If you are or have been pregnant, what have people said to you?!

5 thoughts on “Things you do NOT say to a pregnant lady

  1. Tiff (@LoveSweatBeers) says:

    Ha! I am so bad about talking to pregnant ladies. I don’t want to offend them, so I usually don’t say anything. But then I feel like if I don’t make some sort of comment, I’m being rude. Ugh… so this is what it feels like to be a dude.

    • myrunningthoughts says:

      hahahaha Love it 🙂 most things are fine to ask.. like.. You look great. or a simple, when are you due? those work fine.. just don’t get specific haha.

  2. Kailey says:

    Congrats on passing your glucose test 🙂 You must be so relieved!

    I agree – you NEVER EVER ask a woman how much she weighs/gained weight, even if they have a beautiful bun in the oven 🙂


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